Fusion Product

Product Offerings

This policy combines four coverage that, together, meet the needs of a wide variety of your Life Sciences customers, including:

  • Products-Completed Operations

  • Errors & Omissions

  • Information Security & Privacy and Personal Injury

  • Media & Content

How The Policy Works

Life Sciences Companies are inherently complex and diverse. Because coverage needs and limits vary between organization, the policy is designed to provide flexible coverage and limit options to enable organizations to purchase coverage to meet their needs. There are four coverage parts included on the form. 

Claims-Made Policy

Coverage is provided on an admitted, claims-made basis. the policy will respond to claims that are brought against the company during the policy period or Automatic Extended Reporting Period. 

Policy Highlights

These highlights apply to all coverages provided through the (Products-Completed Operations, Errors & Omissions, Information Security & Privacy and Personal Injury, and Media and Content).

  • Flexible Limit and Deductible options

    • Dedicated limit and deductible option​

    • Common limit and deductible option

    • Deductible does not erode limits of insurance

  • Worldwide Coverage Territory including suits brought outside the U.S.

  • Broad definition as to what your organization includes:

    • Subsidiaries, vendors, agents, independent contractors and customers​

    • 180-day automatic coverage for newly acquired or formed organizations

    • Volunteer Workers

    • Partnerships, LLCs, and joint ventures

  • Your product and your work includes human clinical trials and website activities

  • Leased Workers and Temporary Workers included as employees

  • Includes Right and Duty to Defend any suit seeking damages including conjunctive relief from an occurrence or wrongful act. 

    • This means the policy will respond regardless of the suit. Most only respond if there is coverage found within the policy

Coverage Part Highlights

These highlights are included on specific coverages that are part of the policy. 

  • Products-Completed Operations includes:

    • Advisors or consultants reviewing design or development of products​

    • Contract or clinical research organizations for human clinical trials of products

  • Products-Completed Operations Hazard includes bodily injury and property damage in connection with human clinical trials

  • Errors & Omissions includes Breach of Warranties or Representations

  • Information Security & Privacy and Personal Injury includes unauthorized access, use of or theft of private personal data by a third party and intended transmission of malicious code to a third party

  • Media and Content includes infringement of dilution of title, slogan, trademark, trade name trade dress, service mark, service mark, or registered copy right

Optional Coverages

  • Data Breach Expense Coverage includes notification, forensic analysis, proactive monitoring services, breach restoration, and cyber business interruption and extra expense. Additional Expense Coverage includes legal services, public relations, data breach while a third party, data breach ransom coverage, data breach reward coverage, data breach investigations, and data breach theft.

  • Life Sciences Product Recall Coverage Expense will reimburse You for Products Recall Expenses that are incurred for a Class I Recall of a product. Product Recall expenses includes communication, transportation, remuneration, disposal, inspection and testing, and public relations expenses.

  • Human Clinical Trial Medical Expense Coverage will pay Human Clinical Trial Medical Expenses for Bodily Injury arising out of an injured person's voluntary participation in a Human Clinical Trial. Human Clinical Trial Medical Expenses include first aid; medical, surgical, X-Ray and dental services;prosthetic devices; and ambulance, hospital, professional nursing and funeral services. payments will be made regardless of fault.


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