Facilities and Warehousing


Companies producing products or services for the Life Sciences segment may encounter a variety of risks associated with  protecting their physical assets. Products and services may be produced in a variety of environments, such as a laboratory, animal vivarium, clean room, manufacturing production line, or warehouse. These companies face a wide range of facility and warehousing hazards, such as:

  • Targeted commodities and theft

  • Research and scientific value

  • FDA certification

  • Contamination

  • Change in controlled environment

  • Fire and explosion

What Can Happen

Organizations face traditional risks associated with fire, theft, and property damage. In addition, failure to adequately protect contents can lead to more serious loss implications for Life Science companies due to regulatory remand, re-certification/validation requirements, or added time and complexity of product development. 

How to Reduce Risk

  • Facility and facility-system redundancies (e.g., HVAC, backup power/generators, etc.)

  • Proper fire suppression system, testing and maintenance

  • Proper warehouse management - storage configuration, forklift safety, sanitation, controls, etc. 

  • Segregation of critical commodities

  • Redundant storage of scientific research data (e.g., agreements with local universities, hospitals, and/or third-party vendors offering cryogenic and CICE storage facilities

  • Supplier non-conformance protocols (e.g., quarantining and segregation) and courses(s) of action with the vendor

  • Reciprocal agreements with other manufactures

  • Business continuity planning

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