Cyber Liability Program

What Makes the Program Special? 


  • Dedicated claims team and vendors’ services

  • Cyber Portal

  • Each premium dollar spent is the equivalent to credit with pre-approved vendors

  • Broad Coverage

  • Limits up to $10,000,000

  • Limits "reload" after each First Party claim​​

10 Product Differentiators













1st Party Coverage: Each & Every Claim

Theft of Senior Executive Officers' Personal Assets

Cyber Triggered D&O Coverage

No Deductible for Forensic Advice

Social Engineering Limit Starting at $250,000

Full Prior Acts

8 Hr Business Interruption Time Retention

Security Assessment & Training Coverage

25% System Rebuild Betterment Coverage

Tehft of Funds Held in Escrow

Coverage Summary


Cyber Liability

Liability arising from a third party financial loss resulting from a hacking attack or transmission of virus.


Privacy Liability

Liability arising from the loss of personally identifiable information, payment information,and health information.


System Damage

The cost of a forensic analyst coming in to repair, replaces, or restore damaged computer programs, systems, and data. 


System Business Interruption

Coverage for reduction in profit during the system outage period for up to three months resulting from a hacking attack, virus, or malicious damage.


Consequential Reputational Harm

Coverage for the reduction in profit after a data breach due to a loss of current or new customers. The contingent Period is immediately following the system outage period and is for 12 months.

Regulatory Actions and Investigations

Covers costs, expenses, fines, and penalties resulting from a regulatory investigation on a federal, state or local level.


Notification Costs

The cost to notify individuals affected by a data breach including credit monitoring, an identity theft helpline, and forensic investigation costs.


Third Party Notification Costs

The costs incurred in the event your data breach creates a legal obligation for your client to notify individuals. 


Computer Crime (Social Engineering)

Reimbursement costs for any unauthorized electronics fund transfer, theft of financial assets from your bank account, theft of digital assets, or fraudulent manipulation of electronic documentation.


Identity Theft

Reimbursement costs as a direct result of the fraudulent use of your electronic identity to establish credit, electronically sign a contract, or create a website to impersonate you.   

Cyber Threats and Extortion

The cost for sums incurred for a threat made against you with the purpose of preventing access to your systems, introducing a virus, revealing confidential information, or damaging your brand/reputation with false/misleading comments about you on social media websites.


Telephone Hacking

Reimbursement costs as a result of your telephone systems being hacked into to make unauthorized calls or the costs of unauthorized use of your bandwidth.


Phishing Scams

Reimbursement costs for your reduction in profit, financial losses from existing customers, and creating a website/press release to advise your customers of fraudulent electronic communication or websites designed to impersonate you or your products.



Liability arising from a third party alleging defamation or emotional distress arising from media content on your website, chat rooms, tweets, bulletin boards, databases, social media, and software.


Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Liability arising from a third party alleging infringement of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, etc), misappropriate of a trade secret, misappropriation of content, breach of an intellectual property rights license acquired by you, or failure to attribute authorship or provide credit arising from media content on your website, chat rooms, tweets, bulletin boards, data bases, social media, and software.

Invasion of Rights of Privacy

Liability arising from a third party alleging invasion, infringement, or interference on the right to privacy/publicity or a breach of agreement/confidentiality.


Content Liability

Liability arising from a third party alleging you made a negligent act, error, omission, or misstatement arising from media content on your website, chat rooms, tweets, bulletin boards, databases, social media, and software.


Technology Errors & Omissions

Liability arising from a third party claiming you made an act, error, omission, or breach of contract in the provision of your technology services.


Court Attendance Costs

Reimbursement costs for your cost to attend court, tribunal, arbitration, adjudication, mediation or other hearing as a witness in connection with a claim.


Crisis Communication Costs

Costs incurred for the services of a public relations consultancy firm for the purpose of averting or mitigating damage of your reputation or brand.


Note: this information is presented for your convenience, but in no way does it alter the actual contract(s) of insurance. For coverage details, please refer to the  policy(ies) for actual language. In the event of conflicting statements, the policy conditions supersede this document.


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