Commercial Property

Coverage highlights include: 

Business Income

This specialized broadening endorsement features key coverages to meet the unique needs of Life Sciences organizations, including:

  • New Product to Market Delay coverage enables organizations to recover up to $50,000 from lost income arising out of the delay in bringing a new product to market. 

  • Business Income - Milestones coverage provides protection against the loss of research grans or comparable income due to the failure to meet contractual milestones or obligations as a result of loss at the described premises. 

  • Business Income and Expenses - Provides Research and Development coverage for Loss of Income as a result of damage to prototypes, or valuable research and development documents or records at the Insured's premises. This coverage extends beyond business income to provide coverage for the continued operating expenses if research and development operations cannot continue, or do not generate revenue while the property is restored.

  • Contract Cancellation coverage provides protection for when faced with a cancellation of a contract as a result of a loss or damage to premises. 

  • Extended Business Income

Contamination & Clean-up or Removal

Contamination & Clean-up or Removal provides coverage for the expense to extract contaminants from land, water, or air at an insured location. 

Spoilage Coverage

Spoilage Coverage pays for direct physical loss or damage to the Insured's "perishable goods" at an insured location, or while in transit if caused by equipment breakdown, contamination, or power outage. 

Scientific Animals

An endorsement includes scientific animals as Business Personal Property and offers coverage to pay for loss or damage to scientific animals resulting from an accident to covered equipment. 

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage to Life Sciences organizations that combines standard coverage with expanded coverage features to meet the evolving technology needs of organizations including:

  • Microelectronics 

  • Cloud computing service interruption

  • Service interruption data restoration

  • Off-Premises business income extra expense and data restoration

  • Public relations

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